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Prerequisites of Health!

When the Health Levels are lowered, An occupied mind tries to improve Health through Pills, Medical Procedures, Superstitious Practices and so on. Most of the times it gets more complicated and on occasions, it is masked, suppressed temporarily due to which the sick starts believing that he/she got healed. But the only way to improve the lowered Health is to know where it is lost and to develop simple health-promoting lifestyle routines.

Following are the Prerequisites of Health,

1. Ample Exercise

2. Adequate Rest

3. Positive 5 Fold Foods - Space, Air, Sunlight, Water & Earth(Plant Based Foods)

4. Positive Mind

5. Creative and Productive occupation for the benefit of others

6. Positive Environment

Remember that Health is the Natural State of a Being.

Start working on these Prerequisites to lead a life with optimal health and happiness 😊🙏🌱

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102

Don't Re-Act to a Reaction!

When there is a Action there is a Reaction - Disease is a Reaction due to an Action (Unhealthy Lifestyle)

What happens when you React to a Disease?
Reacting to a Disease creates a series of Reactions - triggers a Chain Reaction which is usually called as Side Effects

How to Deal with a Disease then?
1. Identify & Remove/Change the Action(Unhealthy Life style)
2. Replace it with a Positive Action (Healthy Lifestyle)
3. Sustain -> Provide Time & Space to get rid of all the Reactions

Stop Re Acting and Start Acting for a life filled with health and happiness 😊🙏🍃

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102

Darkness Vs Light!

How to deal with Darkness? 
1. When the Light is Bright there is no Darkness
2. When the Light is Lowered or turned off we start experiencing Darkness
In both the cases we deal only with the Light and not with the Darkness.. Darkness itself is not an entity but light is an entity..

How to deal with Disease?
1. When there is vibrant health there is no sign of disease
2. When the health is lowered or lost to certain extent we start experiencing disease..

The only way to deal with Disease is through working on Health and Happiness, every other system which tries to deal with disease through drugs, herbs, surgical procedures and so called advanced treatment protocols complicates life, amplify the suffering and brings in more Disease and Unhappiness... Lets shift the focus from darkness to light to lead a healthy, happy life 😊🙏🍃

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102