Prerequisites of Health!

When the Health Levels are lowered, An occupied mind tries to improve Health through Pills, Medical Procedures, Superstitious Practices and so on. Most of the times it gets more complicated and on occasions, it is masked, suppressed temporarily due to which the sick starts believing that he/she got healed. But the only way to improve the lowered Health is to know where it is lost and to develop simple health-promoting lifestyle routines.

Following are the Prerequisites of Health,

1. Ample Exercise

2. Adequate Rest

3. Positive 5 Fold Food

4. Positive Mind

5. Creative and Productive occupation for the benefit of others

6. Positive Environment

Remember that Health is the Natural State of a Being.

Start working on these Prerequisites to lead a life with optimal health and happiness 😊🙏🌱

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102

Don't Re-Act to a Reaction!

When there is a Action there is a Reaction - Disease is a Reaction due to an Action (Unhealthy Lifestyle)

What happens when you React to a Disease?
Reacting to a Disease creates a series of Reactions - triggers a Chain Reaction which is usually called as Side Effects

How to Deal with a Disease then?
1. Identify & Remove/Change the Action(Unhealthy Life style)
2. Replace it with a Positive Action (Healthy Lifestyle)
3. Sustain -> Provide Time & Space to get rid of all the Reactions

Stop Re Acting and Start Acting for a life filled with health and happiness 😊🙏🍃

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102

Darkness Vs Light!

How to deal with Darkness? 
1. When the Light is Bright there is no Darkness
2. When the Light is Lowered or turned off we start experiencing Darkness
In both the cases we deal only with the Light and not with the Darkness.. Darkness itself is not an entity but light is an entity..

How to deal with Disease?
1. When there is vibrant health there is no sign of disease
2. When the health is lowered or lost to certain extent we start experiencing disease..

The only way to deal with Disease is through working on Health and Happiness, every other system which tries to deal with disease through drugs, herbs, surgical procedures and so called advanced treatment protocols complicates life, amplify the suffering and brings in more Disease and Unhappiness... Lets shift the focus from darkness to light to lead a healthy, happy life 😊🙏🍃

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102

Coconut, Dates Milk!

Ingredients - For 4 Servings:
Coconut - 1 Large
Dates - 8 No's ( I prefer fresh soft dates if it is a dry variety soak it for an hour)
Elachi - 1 ( Optional)

Break the Coconut and Grate itAdd Coconut Gratings, Coconut Water, Dates(Deseeded), Elachi in the mixerAdd 500 ml of chilled waterGrind it till it is properly grounded Use a white cloth to Extract MilkServe it in a Glass TumblerClick here if you are interested in my Food & Health Workshops
With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S +91 95978 50102

Curry Leaves, Amla & Ginger Drink!

Ingredients - For 4 Servings:
Curry Leaves - 2 Handful
Amla - 4 No's
Ginger - 1 Inch

Wash all the ingredients, Remove seeds from Amla, Peel the Skin of Ginger  Add all the ingredients in the mixer and add 600 ml of waterGrind it for a minute Filter and ServeSip it slowlyClick here if you are interested in my Food & Health Workshops
With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S +91 95978 50102

Workshop on Laughter Yoga & Movement for Physical & Emotional Wellness!

Date: 24 Jun 2018
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM
Venue: Thangam Nagar ( First Right Cross), Sri Sai Nagar, Gudiyatham - 632602, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu

*Develop Right Understanding on Life to Stay Happy & Healthy
*Learn ways to Relax, Stay Calm & Sleep Better
*Improve your  ability to cope with Stress
*Lift your Mood Instantly
*Free yourself from Negative Thoughts & Anxiety
*Activate your Right Heartedness, Playfulness & Spontaneity  

Join the workshop based on Laughter Therapy & Creative Movement and Explore ways to Improve your  Physical & Emotional Wellness

Entry Fee: Rs. 500/-
For Registrations & More Details:8667583022/ 9597850102

Raw Vegetable Salad - General Guidelines!


Base Vegetables:
Hard Vegetables - 70 grams
(Carrot, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Palak ..)
Watery Vegetables - 140 grams
(Cucumber, Ridge Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Chow Chow, Snake Gourd, ...)

Coriander - 10 to 15 grams
Coconut - 50 grams
Tomato - 50 grams

Additional Topping:
Sprouts - 10 to 20 grams
Soaked Almonds - 3, 4 No's
Soaked Groundnuts - 4 tbsp's

*Prefer Organic Vegetables, if there are challenges in affordability/accessibility make sure to clean it thoroughly
*Wash the Vegetables twice/thrice thoroughly with plain water
*Remove peel only if required ( hard, ridgy, spoiled, damaged, not comfortable with chemically grown vegetables, ..), Suggested not to remove the peel when ever possible
*Grate/ Cut the vegetables in to fine pieces
*Finely chop the corriander
*Cut tomatoes without smashing it, without letting the juices out, make it crisp to eat
*Always use fresh vegetables
*Use different color vegetables in a salad to make it appealing
*Toss the vegetables in a …

3 Days Event on Natural Life Style Practices, 25 May - 27 May, 2018 @ Vaagai, Vellore

This is a community driven event offered in the spirit of Giftivism.

Who can join?
*Those who like to get in to Natural Life Style
*Those who like to get in to Healthy Life Style, Build Wellness Habits.
*Those who are facing challenges in Practicing Natural Life Style

****We encourage participants who are interested, open-minded and committed
What are all the activities happening in the 3 days? Sunbathing Hydrotherapy applications Tona Walking/ Jogging/ Movement Meditation Garden Work Hands on Sessions on Conservative Cooking Conversations on Natural Life Style( 2 to 3 Hours/Day) Sat sang
What are all the facilities available in the Venue? Venue is an independent house with two rooms, a hall, a kitchen and one bathroom with toilet (approx 600 sq.ft),  There is an open area around the house and a well where a garden is being setup. All the facilities available in the venue are basic and shared.

How many people can be accommodated in the venue? We can accommodate up to 7 participants. 
Date: 25 - 27 May 20…

Copper Vessels and Nature Cure!

Nature Cure doesn't endorse the use of copper vessels and doesn't agree with the strong claims made on its benefits. We encourage the use of Mud Vessels which is more closer to Nature.

A day before one of my client is put on Tender Coconut diet, for his convenience he has stored Tender Coconut water in a copper bottle as he is out for work. After consuming the Tender Coconut water from copper bottle he vomited few times and completely exhausted. Please be cautious when storing something other than water in a copper bottle as we are not sure about the possible reactions it might trigger. We are also not sure how much copper this body can handle when it is given in a direct mineral form (when not in the form of food) so please ignore the water if the copper smell is so dominant which usually happens in the initial days of a new vessel.

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102

Recipe: Potato Soup!

Ingredients - For 4 Servings:
Potato - 500 grams
Carrot - 250 grams
Spring Onion - Handful ( finely chopped) Onion - 1 Medium Size ( finely chopped)
Oil - 1 tbsp
Ginger, Rock Salt and Pepper for Taste

Peel and Cut Potato into fine pieces, add finely chopped ginger and cook in pressure cooker for 3 whistles.Cut Carrots into fine pieces and cook in pressure cooker for 1 or 2 whistles.Finely chop Onion and Saute it in oilSmash/ Grind the cooked potatoes with ginger, add enough water and make soup baseBoil the base till it is hot to serveAdd cooked carrots in to the boiling baseAdd Chopped spring onions and saute onions Add Rock salt and pepper for tasteMix it well and Serve it in a Bowl with a SpoonClick here if you are interested in my Food & Health Workshops
With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S +91 95978 50102