Decluttering and Creative Occupation!

Yesterday night I was not getting sleep, I felt inspired to declutter my bookshelf towards my present life vision. The topmost shelf is for Alignment and Following my Inspirations The second shelf is for Growing my Creative Occupation The third shelf is for Financial Freedom The fourth shelf is for Nature Cure, Healing, ... For now, I am just moving all the other books to the storage All of us need to have an inspiring workspace to focus #LessisMore #MinimalismandCreativeOccupation #Focus #Ease #Deepwork #DeclutteringandCreativeOccupation #GrowCreativeOccupation #HomeOffice #FollowingInspirations With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S Optimal Life Coach

3 day Introductory Workshop on Natural Health Practices

 Thank you for your interest to register 🙂 To join English Batch, register here - To join Tamil Batch, register here - Once the registration is over, you will be directed to a page where you will find WhatsApp group invite to join.  See you in the program 🙏🍃

What is Creative Occupation?

Creative Occupation is a occupation that Heals, help us feel inspired and meaningful in life.  Creative Occupation is a Natural Expression of Self turned in to a Meaningful engagement with an Intention to Serve, Help others. It is also a channel to fulfill one's Life needs By Serving others.   Creative Occupation is a Process of Filling one's Void, living a inspired life with better Alignment & Harmony. It is also a way to Contribute to the World Massively.  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

Tona alias Ahimsa Enema (Nonviolent Enema) Guidelines Part 2 - English!

Translation Credits:  Prof. Ramasamy, Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast, Ramana Ashram, Tiruvanamalai  Refer Part1 of this article: How to Give Oneself Tona? Smear a drop of oil at the tip of the nozzle. Pour clean water into the tona tumbler (300 ml maximum). Allow some water to run out of the tube’s nozzle. When air bubbles are thus expelled, shut off the hole in the nozzle with the fingers of the right hand. Remaining in a comfortable posture, insert the nozzle into the opening of the rectum. Within seconds one can know the entry of water inside by the unmistakable cool feeling inside the bowels. Withdraw the nozzle from the body. With the fingers of the right hand gently massage the entire stomach region around the navel in a clockwise movement. Also, twist your waist area right and left. Lie prone for about ten minutes.  This position would help the water spread well Retention of water for at least 5 to

Tona alias Ahimsa Enema (Nonviolent Enema) Guidelines Part 1 - English!

  Translation Credits:  Prof. Ramasamy, Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast, Ramana Ashram, Tiruvanamalai  What you see in the picture above is an enema can. This device is known specifically as a “natural” enema can. It is sold in most khadi shops, and also at Nature Cure product outlets. It gets its name ‘tona’ because it is used for the purpose of toning, and it is recommended by Shri Arun Sharma,  a pioneer in the field of Nature Cure/ Natural Hygiene.  Generally for enema, between half a liter and 1 liter of water is used. On the contrary, Dr. Sharma has discovered, through his experiments and experience, that a mere 300 ml of water is enough. Children need even much less quantity. Just 150 ml. The use of less water serves more than 1 purpose. It affirms the nonviolence (ahimsa) tenet of Nature Cure philosophy. And, in addition to merely serving the purpose of expelling hardened feces, it tones up and strengthens the bowel walls. Besides, it helps and improves the natural process of defe

Solar Therapy (Sunbathing) - English !

  Translation Credits:  Prof. Ramasamy, Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast, Ramana Ashram, Tiruvanamalai  Exposure to sunlight is essential for our improved health even while it takes us on the path of our return to Nature. Sunlight is essential for all living forms on earth; it is not merely a provider of Vitamin D that scientists ascribe to sunlight. Gone are the days when man lived roaming under the gaze of the sun. Today’s “civilized” being hardly ever gets to see the sun. In the present day scenario, daily sunbathing has all the more become a must.       Suitable Time: Morning or evening hours is the ideal time since mild sunlight does wonders for physical wellbeing. Those who are unable to do it at these hours could do it at any daylight hour available to them but should restrict themselves to just a few minutes of exposure. One must return to shade even before the body begins to feel the heat of the sun.      Duration: Until one feels the body becoming mildly warm. Or for an average

Dr Arun Sharma's Natural Health Camp ( Sep 19 - 25, 2020), Chennai

  Dr. Arun Sharma, the grandson of Late Acharya Lakshmana Sarma who is the Father of Nature Cure in India, has over 45 years of experience in treating patients with chronic ailments through Nature Cure. He has been especially visiting India for the past 8 years to conduct several Natural Health Camps across India. These camps are becoming more and more popular where thousands of patients who were suffering from incurable chronic diseases for years have returned to normal health by learning and practicing Nature Cure under his guidance. Avail this golden opportunity for radical improvement in your health during the camp and learn to live FREE from diseases, drugs, and doctors for the rest of your lives. ***Limited Seats Available*** ***Confirm your participation early to make use of this lifetime opportunity *** *Basic Accommodation with shared facilities is available For registrations,  payments & other queries send a WhatsApp message to the numbers mentioned. With Love, Vinoth Kum

A Simple Affirmation for Letting Go!

PC: Anything which is not contributing to my wellness anymore  Anything which is not supporting my healing anymore Anything which is not adding value to my life anymore I am letting go of it gracefully and completely✨ Thank you for serving me  Thank you for helping me  Thank you for teaching me Thank you for supporting me Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  💖🙏🍃 With Love, Gratitude & Blessings, Vinoth Kumar V S

Wellness Reflection: What do you want in Life?

P.C: Aishwarya Varun Good Morning Seekers 😍🙏🍃 I am inspired to share a #Wellness_Reflection with you all this morning. I was going through lots of pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders a few days before, I took 3 hours to connect to myself in the midnight and answered this simple question and it has relieved 70% of the pain and discomfort. Every reflection is a deeper connection to our soul and can bring in massive healing if it is done wholeheartedly. I have been designing it intuitively for my self-inquiry and it helped me every time. Try it yourself and share your experience on how you felt 🙂🙏🍃 Thank you. #Wellness_Reflection What are your aspirations in Life, What do you want in Life, What calls you? Meditate on this question for a few minutes and start reflecting. Kindly reflect on the link. Reflecting in the link will help you to have a copy of the reflections in your email which you can go back and refer to. Thank you 🙂🙏🍃 Reflect in this link: https:/

I am a Believer!

P.C: Aishwarya Varun I am a believer of My Inner Guidance,  I am a believer of Nature,  I am a believer of Life,  I am a believer of Supreme Unknown,  I am a believer of People, I am a believer of the idea that anything and everything which I come across is to nourish me, make me a better person, ... My beliefs Helps me to  Optimize My Self Healing Abilities,  Flow with life under all the circumstances,  Have perceptions and strength to transform the challenges in to blessings,  Economise vitality expenditure,  Express Gratitude to the Past ,  Be curious in the present,  Be hopeful about the future, ...  I am grateful to myself for having this behavioral trait 😇 Have unconditional belief in the Truth you had experienced in Life 😇🙏🍃 Thank you 🍃 With Love, Gratitude & Blessings, Vinoth Kumar V S #optimallife #optimalwellness #awareness #innerguidance #alignment #harmony