Natural Health Course(Level 1)

(Nature Cure/ Natural Lifestyle/ Natural Hygiene/ Life Natural are various other commonly known names of this science, I had chosen this name to avoid any conflict with medical practitioners) After designing Align with Nature Program in Mar 2020, I didn't find time to conduct a Nature Cure Course for almost an year. I have been teaching Principles & Practices of Nature Cure from 2015, Somewhere deep I wanted to teach Nature Cure again, I also received requests from so many people to help them in improving their understanding of Nature Cure. Yesterday for some unavoidable circumstances we had decided to postpone batch 11 of Align with Nature. Today early morning I woke up at 3 am and felt a strong urge to offer a course in Principles and Practice of Nature cure, I feel it will help me align better and help many other people who like to learn and take charge of their health and life.  I am going to offer a course on principles and practice of Nature Cure. This will be a level one

FAQ on Suggested Contribution!

  Q: I am interested in the program but I cannot afford the suggested contribution right now, what should i do? A: Pay a commitment fee now and make the remaining contribution in installments and you are welcome to join the course. Q: I feel I will not be able to afford the suggested contribution, what should i do? A: Pay any amount from your heart and you are welcome to join the course. If you feel you can pay more sometime in the future feel free to do the same but that is not mandatory.  Q: I feel abundant and like pay more than the suggested contribution from my heart A: You are welcome. These contributions will help me to fulfill my life needs and anchor myself in my mission.  Q: How can I make the contributions? A: Send a WhatsApp Message to +91 95978 50102 for payment details and make the contributions.  Q: If you want to take it to more people you need to offer it free or very low price A: Thank you for the suggestions. I have tried different models for more than 5 years, I hav

Q&A: How to stop comparing your life with others?

  Instead of answering this question, I like to share a process Reflect on the following questions, I strongly recommend you to take time and answer these questions, write it down in a journal. This can help you in dissolving this pattern of comparing yourself with others.  Step 1: Why do you think you need to compare your life with others? How it is useful to you? how it is going to help you? serve you? benefit you?   Step 2: How it is a disadvantage to you? How it is harming you? How it is burdening you?  Step 3: Also, try answering these questions to deepen the understanding of yourself, What is something unique about me? What inspires me?  What are my special qualities?  What is my unique life experience? I am awesome because ____ When we develop clarity on who we are, how we are unique and special, suddenly the need to compare, compete with someone dissolves and we feel empowered & complete in a unique, meaningful way.   If you find the process useful, share it with your loved

Weekend Post: How about some unwinding today?

  How about some unwinding today?  I enjoy watching Jackie Chan cartoon in tamil with my sister Aishwarya I feel younger, child like when I watch cartoons 🥰😎 I also enjoy watching comedy movies laughing out loud even for silly jokes, I enjoy singing, ...  Comment your idea of unwinding? How you are planning to unwind yourself today? What do you enjoy doing?  Have a wonderful weekend 🤗💖 Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

Q&A: Guilt over quitting Non-Veg!

  Guilt is a very useful emotion but only for few minutes, or for a few hours, or maximum for a day, beyond that it is a trap. See if you can understand the benefits of quitting Non-Veg See if it inspires you See if you have your strong reasons to quit Non-Veg See if you are intending to take it slow, take support from family If the answer is yes to most of the questions go ahead with the idea of quitting  If the answers are no to 2 or more questions  take baby steps towards quitting or reducing the quantity, frequency, ...  If you are not able to understand the benefits or if it is non an inspiring option or if you don't have a need then don't worry about it, find other ways to work on your wellbeing.  Health & Wellbeing is a wholesome process not limited to Diet.  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S Natural Lifestyle Educator & Optimal Living Coach #alignwithnature #fivefoldfoods #coachingjourney #optimalliving #holisticwellness #foodandhealth #plantbaseddiet #naturallifestyl

A process towards Mastery - Observe, Acknowledge & Express or Deep Knowing!

A few weeks before, I am inspired to share a process called "Observe, Acknowledge & Express" or Deep Knowing  , I started exploring it intuitively and started understanding how powerful it is, I feel this is a powerful tool towards mastering something or knowing something deeply.  1. Keep observing various aspects of your life, especially the aspects which bother you.  2. Acknowledge what is happening, getting better, even if it is something very negligible acknowledge it with your whole heart. 3. Express it in a journal or share it with someone. 4. Continue to the first step :-)  There is a part two for this process, will be sharing it in some other post.  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

Story on Intentions & Perceptions!

Yesterday I received a call from an unknown number, The person introduced himself and started talking, he called me to know about the upcoming Align with Nature(AwN) program, one of his friends was part of AwN Batch 9 and she had recommended AwN to him for his challenges. He was holding on to the idea of perfectionism and that has stopped him from experimenting & exploring possibilities, leveraging online coaching, missing the opportunities, he has also developed a lot of stress, minimizing himself, started depriving financially, ... I gave the details of the program and assured him that he will be able to overcome his challenges if he develops right intentions & perceptions. I continued the conversation and shared a few perceptions, suggested a few practices, today morning he messaged me saying that he has started his online coaching. Nine Months of Self Limitations has been finally dissolved with a simple conversation and a few practices. What a Relief it is Create Right Int

3 Barriers in the process of Graceful Healing!

Early in the morning I was reflecting on how critical is asking for help, open mindedness and committment in the process of Graceful Healing. In the past 6 years, I have seen 100s of people lost their healing opportunity just because of their inability to ask, to be open minded and committed. I don't want you to miss that opportunity,    Reflect on these questions: Am I asking for help, support?  Am I being open and exploring life?  Am I seeking, learning, taking help with an open mind?  Am I staying committed to my learnings and truth?  If yes, to what extent?  Ask, Be Open, Commit to your Healing 🙏 Wishing you all a Graceful Healing Experience and Optimal Life ✨🙏🍃  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

Some Mantras for Launching & Growing Creative Occupation!

Pause Follow the Inspirations Purify the Intentions Define your Mission & Goals Give, Give, Give Give more than what you Get/Receive Create more than what you Consume Help, Serve People Keep the Entry Barrier Minimal Connect with Heart Flow Optimally Be Open Learn & Improve If you like to be part of the next Launch Creative Occupation Intensive Program, Whatsapp +91 95978 50102 With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

Set yourself Free, Now!

PC: You are in your own Prison A Prison with no walls, no bars, no locks and Still the hard one to break! You are your own Prison Keeper You built the Iron Fort with all your limiting beliefs as walls, conditioning as bars, comfort zone as locks! With your unconscious, secret wishes you continue to chain yourself for long.  With a conscious wish and action you can break it free for life.  Ask yourself What do I need? What do I really need?  What I wish for myself? What is the one small thing I can do now/ today to support my wish? If you wish to set yourself free, flow with life, do it now, at this very moment. There is no more perfect moment than now ✨ With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S