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Guest Post by Aishwarya: I am because You are!

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I was feeling so blue, past one week. Little did I realize that there was no time dedicated for myself. I got overwhelmed by putting too many things on my plate - to organize a NC camp, to conduct Parenting circle, to conduct Kids circle, to engage in Plastic waste management, to dance, to unschool my child, to cook, to clean and many untold things.

Two days back, I started getting this feeling, "Oh Gosh! I shouldn't have spoken to Dr. Arun Sharma regarding organizing a NC camp" because I was convincing myself that I am incapable to make this happen. Mind you, all these thoughts without putting a zero effort. I got so tired with my own thoughts.

Today, Dec 12, in the afternoon, fortunate enough to have my daughter sleeping sound, I had a call with Vinoth. It always gives me a powerful shift talking to Vinoth. I shared how I was feeling. He shared many useful insights. Yet, my limited memory could remember few thi…