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Recipe: Radish Green Soup!

Ingredients - For 4 Servings:
Radish with Greens - 4 Medium Size
Tomato - 4 Medium Size
Garlic - 8 Nos ( Peeled) Ginger, Rock Salt and Pepper for Taste

Peel Radish, Clean Radish Greens and chop it finely.Chop tomatoes, Ginger and GarlicAdd 600 ml of water in a Pressure Cooker  and add  all the ingredientsCook it for 3 whistlesAdd Pepper and Salt as per your tasteMix it well and Serve it in a Bowl with a Spoon Register in the link provided to receive alerts for our Wellness Programs:

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A Typical Daily Meal Plan recommended by Dr Arun Sharma!

Dr Arun Sharma, IMANAH recommends the following Meal Plan for Health Seekers, Natural Lifestyle Practitioners.

First Meal :
Green Juice
Quantity: 150 ml
Refer Green Juice Section for more details

Second Meal:
Mono Fruit - One type of Fruit as a Meal
Papaya, Banana, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Mangoes, Jack fruit, Sapotta, Custard Apple, Apple, Oranges, Grapes are some of the common choices
Quantity: Listen to the voice of the Organism and Have an Fulfilling Meal every time

Third Meal:
Raw Vegetable Salads - Different vegetables mixed together conservatively. No spices, salt, oil should be added.
Quantity: Listen to the voice of the Organism and Have an Fulfilling Meal every time
General Guidelines for a Conservatively made Salad
Salad Recipes can be found here

Fourth Meal:
Conservatively Cooked Me…

Recipe: Green Smoothie

Ingredients - For 2 Servings:

Any one variety of Tender Greens (Sirukeerai, Araikeerai, Manathakali Keerai, Palak Keerai) - 2 HandfulAny one variety of well ripened fruit ( Banana/Papaya/Sapotta) - As per the taste Optional Toppings (Fruit Chunks / Dates)- As required
Blend Greens and Fruits in the Mixer with little water to suit your preferable consistency Add Optional Toppings as per your choiceServe it in a Cup with SpoonChew enough, Mix it with saliva and swallow it slowlyClick here if you are interested in my Food & Health Workshops
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