I usually offer my services/time without a price tag for 3 reasons
  1. Having a Price Tag creates Entry Barrier - makes it difficult for people who can afford less or cannot afford
  2. The offerings cannot be priced - The work I do is close to my heart, I do it because I love to do it and I have my own challenges considering it as a product/service offering to others
  3. I have been wishing to be a part of the community - a community where people support mutually to sustain and cherish - a community which is least bothered about paper cash, assets and value people and connections in the first place  
However, I need support to continue my work as
  1. I am taking this work Full Time
  2. Sustenance and Comfort Levels helps in delivering better support to the clients and community
How can you support?

We encourage you to Pay from your Heart, Pay how your Heart Feels or if you face challenges or looking for guidance consider these inputs to arrive a decision

Choose to make a contribution 
  • Based on the Benefits/Value Received (or)
  • Based on the Time/Efforts Spent (or)
  • Based on how much you can afford (or)
  • Based on the Costs Involved in the Process ( Venue, Food, Miscellaneous Costs, Tools Used, etc.. )
  • Based on how you like to support this Journey/ Pay it forward to others 

 Choose to make a contribution to my daily needs 
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Millet's, Spices, etc..
  • Internet Bills, Telephone Bills, etc..
  • Travel Expenses
  • Tickets for seminars, workshops, etc..
If you wish to support my work, reward my efforts & time spent/ gift use the following 


SBI Account Details:

Name: V. S. Vinoth Kumar
Account No: 30793653544
Branch - SBI, Vellore, Officers Line-632001
IFS Code: SBIN0000947

**Kindly avoid anonymous transfer - do mention your name & details - if possible send me a  whats app/text message about your contribution. 

*Feel free to avail my services free of cost - if you are unemployed/ in a financial crisis/ not in a position to afford. 

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S
+91 95978 50102


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