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Wellness Game 2: Mindfulness Challenge ( Level 1)

I know about meditation/ mindfulness practices and its benefits for years, Several times, I have tried practicing, make it as a habit and failed miserably. With lots of support and motivation I was able get in to the real practice after so many attempts and years. I know many of you reading this post might be having similar issues in Getting Started. I like to propose a Game which may help you to Get Started with Mindfulness Techniques & Practices 😊

How to play (Level 1):
Step 0: Send me your interest to join this game in the number shared below(through whatsapp) , will share the registration link

Step 1: Download this 10 Minutes Guided Meditation Audio in your mobile -
Step 2: Play it as many times as possible, (whenever you get a free slot, during travel, during lunch breaks, after getting up, before sleep in bed and where ever it is possible for you) andfollow the instructions. 
Step 3:  Make a note of     1. Number…

Wellness Game 1: What is in your Plate (Level 1)?

Rules of the Game: One meal of

1. Raw Vegetables: 3 Points
2. *Fruits: 2 Point
3. Conservatively Cooked Meal alone with equal portion of Grain & Vegetables: 1 Point
4. Normal Cooked Meal ( Home Made): 0 Point
5. Hotel Food: -1 Point

We will be playing this game for 5 days continuously and we ll Level Up 😉 👍

1. What is your score today? 
(You need to total scores of all the meals of a particular day)

2. What is your total score at end of 5 days?
(You need to total scores of all the 5 days score )

This game can be played Individually, with yourself or with a mentor, or with a partner or in a family or in a group :-)

What does the score tells you? It reflects the impact of diet with body and mind to some extent ( a Positive Score means Positive Effect, a Negative Score means Negative Effect - to some extent), by playing this game continuously, you get promoted to higher levels and know exactly what it is doing with you :-)

*Cannot be mixed with cooked meal & raw vegetables.

*Melons …

FAQ's: How to remove toxins from our body?

Every organism has Elimination System, it is designed to eliminate all the unwanted & accumulated waste(which is commonly addressed as toxins) from the system, most of the times Elimination System is being interrupted to finish its job completely, by removing the reasons for interruption and supporting the Elimination System one can be successful in removing the toxins from the body.

Holistic Approach to Remove Toxins:
Stop introducing New Toxins to the System - This is the most first and most important step, remove the negative diet, negative life style, etc.Support the System with Positive Diet, Positive Lifestyle, Good Amount of Physical Activity, etc..Provide Time & Space to the System - Continue supporting the System, Provide enough Rest, Stay Calm, Meditate, etc.. Any approach which doesn't address all the factors as mentioned above is incomplete and may help only for shorter duration in relieving the symptoms.

With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S +91 95978 50102

Pricing Models for My Consulting & Coaching Assignments!

I am exploring different pricing models for My Consulting and Coaching assignments, Instead of holding a price tag and selling myself I am open to other unconventional models,

Value based Payments - Client evaluates my time, efforts, expertise and the value created to them and Pay accordingly.  Paying from the Heart - Pay what your Heart Feels Like.Bartering with my daily needs - I will share a list of my daily needs, Client can take care of things which they are comfortable with.Gifting - I will be offering my time, efforts and expertise as a gift to the Client/ Friend/ Co-explorer, I invite them to Join the movement of Gifting. Paying a Fixed Fee - Client will  discuss budget, affordability, other factors and thoughts, Understand the feasibility and Pay a Fixed Fee. Free - I request the client to send a mail/ share his/her thoughts why he/she prefers to have it free and act accordingly. 
With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S +91 95978 50102

Who is a Nature Cure Practitioner?

A Nature Cure practitioner is NOT a medical practitioner.
There is no reason for the practitioner to announce that he/she is a doctor. This will only confuse all parties concerned.
We do not supply medical or surgical advice or treatments. If he/she does these things they are really an amateur physician and have no right to call themselves a true Naturopath.
• Nature Cure is devoted wholly to the achievement and maintenance of normal health by natural means.
• It seeks to provide the correct environment and conditions so the ‘Life Force’ within the body will restore and maintain health.

-Kevin Hinton 

The job of a Naturopath/NC practitioner is to uncover the factors that cause disease and then teach the patient how to adjust his way of life so they will live in harmony with nature and not against it.

-Kevin Hinton

My Reflections:இயற்கை மருத்துவ ஆசிரியர் (அ) வழிகாட்டி!
இயற்கை மருத்துவத்தில் நோயாளி, இயற்கை பேராற்றல் மற்றும் நோயாளிக்கு இயற்கை பேராற்றலை அறிமுகபடுத்தி அவரை வழி நடத்தும் ஆசிரியர் (அல…

Get Started with Green Juice!

Green Juice is a subtler, alkaline drink. We Nature Cure Practitioners consume Green Juices (150-200 ml) as the first meal every day.

Common Green Juice Choices:

Manathakali Leaves - மணத்தக்காளி கீரை (approx 5 - 10 Leaves Per Person)Ash gourd - வெண் பூசணி (approx 50 ml pulp diluted in 100 ml water - Can be taken with pulp or filtered using a white cloth)Banana Stem - வாழை தண்டு (approx 50 ml pulp diluted in 100 ml water - Filtered using a white cloth)Vilvam Leaves - வில்வ இலை (approx 5- 10 Leaves Per Person)Berumda Grass - அருகம்புல் (approx 5 Grasses Per Person)Corriander - கொத்தமல்லி (approx 15 ml Extract Per Person)Tender Coconut - இளநீர் 

Checking the Consistency: 
Green Juices are very subtler in taste and aroma, Please make sure it is not strong in taste - if it is then dilute it further.

When to Consume?
We consume it as the first meal of the day, We suggest you to follow the same.

How to Consume?
Consume it sip by sip, slowly, keeping it for sometime in the mouth. Usually we sp…

Books available for Gifting (Technical)-2!

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The following books are available for Gifting, please contact  the number shared below and avail the same,

Books available for Gifting (Technical)-1!

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The following books are available for Gifting, please contact  the number shared below and avail the same,

பசித்து புசி!

Keen hunger is the key for optimum health. I practice check in for hunger regularly, initially it might be quiet challenging to come out of habit pattern, but once we master it we will feel more connected to the self and have good control over health 😊🙏🍃

We have enough references in our texts to insist on the importance of keen hunger,

பசித்து புசி.

அற்றது அறிந்து கடைப்பிடித்து மாறல்ல 
துய்க்க துவரப் பசித்து.

“பசித்துப் புசி” என்றொரு சொலவடை உண்டு. அதை வலியுறுத்துவதே இக்குறள். முன்னர் செரித்த உணவு வகைகள் என்னவென்று அறிதலும், புரிதலும், பின்னர் அதையே பழக்கமாகக் கொள்ளுதலும், அந்த உணவு உண்ணும் பழக்கம் (உண்ணும் நேரம், அளவு, கால இடைவெளி இவற்றை உள்ளடக்கியது) மாறாமல், ஆனாலும், நன்றாகப் பசித்த பிறகே ஒருவர் அடுத்த வேளைக்கான உணவை ஒருவர் புசிக்க வேண்டும்.

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S
+91 95978 50102

Glimpses of Edible Gardening Workshop in Vellore!

It started like this :)

We had difficulties in reaching out to the community but we were sincere in our efforts..

We have opened it up for the community on "Pay from your Heart - Pay What your Heart Says" 💓
A Small Exhibition ( Books, Seeds & Tools)

We consciously offered Healthy refreshments 🍉

People started arriving 


We agreed on a community gardening challenge. 
And it ended like this :-)

Happy, Exhausted Faces 😉🌱

Wait, Wait :-) There is a Twist ;)

My Takeaways from Craniosacral Theraphy!

There is no nothing to be healed from outside, healing happens from inside, by doing subtler manipulations, by building harmony with the self/person supports healing.
The idea of Doing without Doing - The power of Less - There is nothing much to be done :-)
The idea of Disengagement - Subtler disengagement for a shorter duration supports healing.
The idea of Unwinding - When something is blocked, restricted supporting the natural flow, flow which the life is longing for supports healing.
The idea of Still Point - Offering, Listening to the Life's need for a Still Point.
Listen to the life, Understand its need, Travel with it, Support its flow, Stretch a bit, Offer help when needed.
Emotional Pain/ Happiness of a person can be easily seen. "அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்"
I have reflected these ideas in every sense - physical, mental & spiritual.
With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S +91 95978 50102

Suppression & Expression!

பேராற்றலின் படைப்பில் எல்லாருமே சிறப்பானவர்கள் தான், எல்லோருக்குமே தனித்திறமைகள் உண்டு, ஆரோக்கிய வாழ்வை பெறும் முயற்சியில் தன்னை வெளிப்படுத்துதலுக்கு(expression) முக்கிய பங்கு உண்டு. வெளிப்படுத்தாமல் அழுத்தி வைக்கப்படும்(suppressed)  திறமைகள், ஏக்கங்கள் மற்றும் உணர்ச்சிகள் நாட்பட்ட நோய்களாக உருப்பெறுகின்றன 😊🙏🍃

Pillars of My Wellness Practice!

My Wellness Practice is built on the following Pillars,








With Love,

Vinoth Kumar V S
+91 95978 50102

Wellness Program!

This wellness framework is aimed to support Health & Happiness for individuals, families and like minded communities through 6-12 weeks of Online/Telephonic/Offline Coaching. Please read the details fully and join the program if you are interested and committed :-)

The idea behind this framework is to build better awareness and control over various parameters related to Health & Happiness.

My Typical Wellness Program consists of 6 Modules,

Module 1: Health Assessment
Module 2: Diet
Module 3: Physical Activity
Module 4: Lifestyle Adjustments
Module 5: Emotional Wellness
Module 6: Non Violent Therapies

Coaching includes Individual Assessment, Technical Sessions, Tracking, Feedback, Reviews, Quiz, Games, Tools, Resources for further learning, etc..

Mode of Coaching: Online/ Telephonic/ Offline (Vellore, Tamil Nadu)

Languages: Tamil & English

Who can Join: Ideally it is for everyone who is open minded, interested and committed :-) Technically Health Aspirants & People with Ch…

My Profile as a Wellness Coach!

I am a Wellness Coach. Personally I practice Natural Life Style and have a handful of experience in supporting Natural Healing Process. I adopt an Integrated approach using my learning in Natural Life Style, Craniosacral Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Creative Dance, Mindfulness Practices and few other Physical & Emotional wellness tools.

My Wellness Program is aimed to support Health & Happiness for Individuals/ Families through Online/Telephonic/ Offline Coaching. I help health aspirants and people with chronic/degenerative health conditions. I also conduct Wellness Workshops for Groups.

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S
+91 95978 50102

Free Tools for Banner Design!

After getting in to Wellness Coaching and other Non Tech Work I didn't find time to work on Adobe Photoshop, I was searching for simple tools to create Banners for my marketing. I found these 2 online tools very useful in creating Whatsapp/ FB banners.

These are some of the posters I've created using the above online tools,

Please note that online free tools have it's own limitations, this is only for quick, easy, partially customized requirements.

"Our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health is one and Inseparable" - Dr Arun Sharma