Guest Post by Aishwarya: I am because You are!

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I was feeling so blue, past one week. Little did I realize that there was no time dedicated for myself. I got overwhelmed by putting too many things on my plate - to organize a NC camp, to conduct Parenting circle, to conduct Kids circle, to engage in Plastic waste management, to dance, to unschool my child, to cook, to clean and many untold things.

Two days back, I started getting this feeling, "Oh Gosh! I shouldn't have spoken to Dr. Arun Sharma regarding organizing a NC camp" because I was convincing myself that I am incapable to make this happen. Mind you, all these thoughts without putting a zero effort. I got so tired with my own thoughts.

Today, Dec 12, in the afternoon, fortunate enough to have my daughter sleeping sound, I had a call with Vinoth. It always gives me a powerful shift talking to Vinoth. I shared how I was feeling. He shared many useful insights. Yet, my limited memory could remember few things.

One thing that struck like a hard rock was this concept of Spiral-movement. He beautifully explained that how we do not move forward like a rocket rather flow in spiral movement meeting all the curves and bends which in worldly context mean, challenges, obstacles, fear, doubts. You go ahead finishing one spiral move, and then you face another, with different set of challenges. In all these, you are grooming, evolving and updating newer versions of yourself.

Challenge & Support is another interesting topic that we discussed today. By always enclosing our-self with support, we get to limit ourselves and by involving greatly with challenges consistently, we get tired. So the mantra is to have a blend of both - Challenge and Support, for the optimal growth lies in between.

The last but not the least, self-care. It is highly vital to take care of yourself, such that, you make yourself available for others. Without proper self-care regimen, in the course of tending to others' needs, you tend to become tired, of others and of your own-self. Vinoth suggested to have a self-care routine, anything that makes you happy - walking,  dancing, singing, yoga, motivational talk, anything under the sun that makes you happy, anything that makes you keep aligned with your purpose.

It felt rejuvenated to talk to someone like Vinoth who whole-heartedly wants you to become what you want. The energy shared is amazing, as always. Someday, I really wish to touch others lives like Vinoth does.

Deepest gratitude to Vinoth, my daughter Samyuktha, all the beings/non-beings who helped me attend the call in peace, for "I am because You are".

Thank you,
Aishwarya 🙏🏻
Wellness Seeker, Ahmadabad

About Aishwarya:
Aishwarya is an unschooling mother, a nature lover and a sustainable living enthusiast.


  1. Beautiful written ! Gratitude to Vinoth for helping others.


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