Prerequisites of Health!

When the Health Levels are lowered, An occupied mind tries to improve Health through Pills, Medical Procedures, Superstitious Practices and so on. Most of the times it gets more complicated and on occasions, it is masked, suppressed temporarily due to which the sick starts believing that he/she got healed. But the only way to improve the lowered Health is to know where it is lost and to develop simple health-promoting lifestyle routines.

Following are the Prerequisites of Health,

1. Ample Exercise

2. Adequate Rest

3. Positive 5 Fold Foods - Space, Air, Sunlight, Water & Earth(Plant Based Foods)

4. Positive Mind

5. Creative and Productive occupation for the benefit of others

6. Positive Environment

Remember that Health is the Natural State of a Being.

Start working on these Prerequisites to lead a life with optimal health and happiness 😊🙏🌱

With Love,

Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102


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