Exploring different Levels of Creating a Healthy Meal!

Creating a Healthy Meal is not a Binary Idea, One must explore and understand ways to make the meal more healthy and choose as per his life situations and preferences. However, a sick person should stay with the best possible choice to create a Healthy Meal.
  • Having Fried Veggies is better than Having No Veggies
  • Having Boiled Veggies is better than Having Fried Veggies
  • Having Steamed Veggies is better than Having Boiled Veggies 
  • Having Raw Veggies is better than Having Steamed Veggies
  • Adding Salt and Spices at the end of the Cooking is better than Adding it at the Begining 
  • Adding Coconut after switching off the stove is better than Boiling the Coconut
  • Having a Mono Grain in a Meal is better than Having Multiple Grains in a Meal
  • Choosing a Conservative Cooking Technique is better than Adapting to a Conventional, High Heat, High-Pressure Cooking 
  • Usage of Whole, Unrefined products are better than Usage of Polished, Refined Products
  • Minimal/No Oil Cooking is better than Cooking with Oil
  • Having a Fruit Juice is better than Having No Fruits
  • Having a Whole Fruit is better than Having a Fruit Juice
  • Having a Mono Fruit is better than Having a Fruit Salad
  • Having a Seasonal Fruit is better than Having an Unseason Fruit
  • Having a Native(Local Grown) Food is better than Having an imported Food
  • Having Cooked and Raw in different Meals is better than Having Cooked and Raw in the same meal
  • Having Fruits and Vegetables in different Meals is better than Having Fruits and Vegetables in the same meal
This list can be made extensive, I 'll try my best to keep updating this post with all possible choices. Please share your thoughts and comments on this. 

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
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