Less is more!

Lesser resources will bring in more consciousness on how we connect to the resources.
Lowered level of health brings in more attention towards the diet, lifestyle and habits.
Consuming right quantity of right foods requires minimal vitality for digestion, absorption, distribution, assimilation, excretion and elimination. This will in turn help us to have more vitality for the functional aspects of life.
During illness consumption of subtler foods/ abstaining from foods(fasting) will help in the faster Restoration of health.
Lesser thoughts brings in more happiness, creativity, time and space for the functional aspects of life.
Lesser material brings in more space in the living environment and mind.
Less = More 
With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach
+91 95978 50102


  1. Agreed. But we need MORE articles like these and MORE people like you 😀


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