Meet the happy you, the loving you, the new you - Dimple Motiani

Creative Expression: Saranya Chandrasekar ( AWN Batch 1 Alumnus)

So there couldn’t have been a better timing for Nature Cure course than this. There was uproar about Covid-19 everywhere and people were just thinking about to DEAL with it. As we were moving towards a new normal, there definitely had to be a renewed way of approaching life.

‘Listen to the voice of organism’. For your sound mind, body and soul. Can there be bigger truth than this? No. This course has helped me meet myself closely. Focus myself. Accept myself. Love myself. Improve myself. Better myself with each passing day. Of course there have been revelations about healthy food habits and lifestyle changes through this course but the most important gift is ‘how to think’.

It has brought in a lot of gratitude and empathy in me for others. This is in turn has helped better my relationships with others. I am now more careful about my choice of words because our words have the power to write our future.

Creative Expression: Santhoshini Rani Akula ( AWN Batch 2 Alumnus)

Through mindfulness, I am able to be fully present in the situations. Cooking, eating, working, playing with my kiddo, etc. It has helped me improve my parenting style too. Daily reflections, affirmations, gratitude towards others has helped me understand myself more and in return others too. On work front too, I am able to have better deliberations.

Small but impactful practices such as digital detox, creative occupation, sun bathing, etc. will help you break out of the mold and set you free from conditioned thinking.

Not just during the course, the AwN Tribe also works cohesively beyond the course trying to bring you back on track if distracted.

Go, Align with Nature for your sound mental & physical health. Meet the happy you, the loving you, the new you.

- Dimple Motiani (Align with Nature Batch 1 Alumnus)

To be a part of Align with Nature, Lifestyle Transformation Program, Whatsapp +91 95978 50102


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