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Immerse in to Health and Happiness!

The Nature Cure approach is to work on the present Health and Happiness rather than getting struck with age old  Disease Conditions and Symptoms. In the state of optimal Health and Happiness there is no such thing called Disease and Suffering. Wishing you all Health and Happiness 😊🙏🍃 What is the one thing you did today to support your Health and Happiness? With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach +91 9597850102

Demystifying Conservative Cooking!

Conservative Cooking is an idea/ approach towards creating a Nutritious, Healthy, Balanced and most importantly Tasty Cooked Meal. Key points to be considered while creating a Conservatively Cooked Meal: Use Minimum Heat - Don't overcook the Food, Minimal Heat for longer duration is healthier than High Heat and Quick Preparations Use No or Minimum Pressure Prefer Steaming of Veggies and Greens than Boiling or Frying - Minimal Boiling and Frying will be acceptable in order to create a Taste Use No or Minimal Oil ( Few spoons) - Most of the Veggies can be sauteed by sprinkling water or by using tomato puree Always add Spices, Salt, and Coconut after switching off the stove Use Minimal Spices & Salt Prefer Whole Grains, Millets, and Pulses over polished products Prefer Unrefined Oil, Sugar, Salt, etc.. over refined products Prefer Organic, Naturally Grown products over Chemically grown ones - While using Chemically grown foods ensure cleaning it thoroughly for few

Upcoming Camps of Dr Arun Sharma, 2019!

Chandigarh: Hyderabad: One week Nature Cure camp in Hyderabad with  Dr Arun Sharma M.I.I.N.T., N.D. Director (IMANAH) - International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene < > Monday, 25th March – Sunday, 31st March Please contact +91-9177630705 / +91 94947 71222 for more details. Registration link - Thank you Rgds Hyderabad Natural Hygiene Kolar, Karnataka: Pollachi, Tamil Nadu: Nature Cure Level I (English)  Date : 07th April to 12th April 2019 Venue :  Sadhana Forms, Pollachi Conducted by Arun Sharma Nature Cure Level I (Tamil)  Date : 12th April to 17th April 2019 Reporting Time : 1:00 PM Venue :  Sadhana Forms, Pollachi Conducted by Arun Sharma 

Alkaline(Vegetable) Packs!

USE: In addition to Dietary and Lifestyle Changes, Alkaline Packs are used as a Non Violent Therapy in Natural Life Style/ Nature Cure. It is found to very effective in chronic pain, skin issues, burns, insect bites, etc.. Options: Watery Vegetables such as cucumber, ash gourd can be used Potatoes can be used Any vegetable, green which is not very strong in taste can be used Water melon white portion can be used Other fruit peels can also be used  Application: Finely Grate any one type of Fresh Vegetable ( without wasting the juices) - Don't use mixer/blender/grinder as it might induce heat Apply it in the affected area for 20 minutes - in case of open wounds, eye application use a white cotton cloth to create a pack which can be placed on the affected area Remove the pack and clean the area with water - This has to be discarded cautiously as it might contain some toxicity If needed Apply a Fresh Pack again after few hours How it Helps? When applied on a a

Some thoughts on Healing Gracefully!

Voice of the Organism is observed and acted accordingly The root cause(s) are identified and removed Healing happens through an Health Promoting Process and not under suppression or by relieving the symptoms or through an Disease Management approach (refer prerequisites of health  ) Focus is on Health and Happiness and not on Disease and Suffering   Always the Whole Self is addressed and not an specific organ or part of the body is overemphasized  Vital Force ( aka Self Healing Mechanism ) is allowed to take charge with no or minimal obstruction Herbs, Drugs and any other form of Interventions is avoided in the process or in worst case kept as minimal as possible Non violent interventions such as hydrotherapy, massage is adopted to relieve the symptoms  Vital Force is allowed to take its own course - priorities, time and space Having a positive outlook towards the crisis might be needed to embrace the

Exploring different Levels of Creating a Healthy Meal!

Creating a Healthy Meal is not a Binary Idea, One must explore and understand ways to make the meal more healthy and choose as per his life situations and preferences. However, a sick person should stay with the best possible choice to create a Healthy Meal. Having Fried Veggies is better than Having No Veggies Having Boiled Veggies  is better than  Having Fried Veggies Having Steamed Veggies  is better than  Having  Boiled Veggies   Having Raw Veggies  is better than Having Steamed Veggies Adding Salt and Spices at the end of the Cooking is better than Adding it at the Begining  Adding Coconut after switching off the stove is better than  Boiling the Coconut Having a Mono Grain in a Meal  is better than Having Multiple Grains in a Meal Choosing a Conservative Cooking Technique is better than Adapting to a Conventional, High Heat, High-Pressure Cooking  Usage of Whole, Unrefined products are better than Usage of  Polished, Refined Products Minimal/No Oil Cooking is

FAQ: What is wrong in eating 4 idlis as a meal?

Recently I had come across an angry question during a conversation "What is Wrong in eating 4 idlies as a meal?" Food is one of the very sensitive and private space for each person, people feel hurt when their habits and eating pattern is criticized or pointed out as wrong. the idea behind is not to criticize or prove wrong but to help them understand something in their diet, eating habits is disturbing their health. Let us come back and try to explore the question, There are absolutely no issues in continuing the Diet or Eating Pattern one has been following from childhood or been inherited from their parents and family if he feels Healthy and not under any form of Medications - From this statement, I am not analyzing I just respect the individual's eating preference and his vitality reserve. If he feels unhealthy or under any form of medications then it is scientific to reflect on his Diet and Eating Pattern in the first place, now let us discuss why ea

FAQ: What is the optimum time to consume salad after preparation when we go to work?

We always encourage to make fresh food(salad in this case) and have it as early as possible but situations like this can be quite challenging, we can extend up to 2 -3 hours if coconut, tomato is not mixed or 1 - 2 hours if coconut, tomato is mixed (however  in both the cases smell the food and ensure it is good before consuming ) Other solutions to this situation might be, 1. Having Salads in a different Meal ( preferably morning and in the worst case it can be moved to the last meal ) 2. Making Fresh Salads in the Work Premises 3. Having different containers for different vegetables 4. Storing it in a Refrigerator if there is an option 5. Having mono vegetables ( Cucumber, Carrot, ..) With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach +91 95978 50102