My Offerings


I have been exploring on Natural Healing & Wellness for the past 3 years - Hosted several seminars/workshops in Chennai, Bangalore & Vellore - Supported many in the Natural Healing Process.
  • Workshop on Exploring Movement
  • Workshop/Coaching on Food & Health
  • Workshop/Coaching on Healthy Cooking 
  • Consultation/Coaching on Disease Management & Disease Reversal
  • Natural Healing Support
Business & Technology:

I have been in Business & Technology domain for 10+ years - Started my career in 2007 with IBM, moved on to Huawei & Later worked with My Own Startup and supported several other Startups.

Do It Yourself Programs

  • Workshop/Coaching on Designing & Maintaining your Own Website
  • Workshop/Coaching on Digital Marketing
  • Workshop/Coaching on Building a Digital Strategy
  • Workshop/Coaching on Trademark Registration
  • Consultation/Coaching on Setting up and Running a Business, Lean Startup & Idea Validation


  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
*Workshops are designed for Groups - Coaching is for Individuals/ Like Minded Group, customized to meet their Needs. 

If you are interested in one or more offerings listed above,
CALL: + 91 95978 50102/ WRITE TO:

With Love, 
Vinoth Kumar V S


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