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Pranayama: Getting Started!

Pranayama is a Better Breathing Practice. One unit of Pranayama has four Parts:  Inhale, Hold, Exhale, Hold One Set    of Pranayama  consists of five units of Pranayama continuously One Session    of Pranayama  consists of three sets of Pranayama intercepted with a few minutes of normal breathing, where the Person practicing pranayama will be keenly observing the breath until it becomes no breathing or very light breathing *During the practice one has to keep the Spinal Column straight - A sitting posture is suggested *It is recommended that a Health Seeker should practice at least 3 sessions of Pranayama in a day *During the practice one must be aware of the Expansion and Shrinking of Lungs *Any form of Violence in extending the duration of Inhalation, Exhalation and Holding with intellectual understanding or willpower is strongly discouraged, One must slowly progress at the comfort *A better environment, a ventilated room or an open place(park, terrace, ..) with fres

Exploring Frequent Eating/ Overeating - Part 2!

Exploring Frequent Eating/ Overeating - Part 1! Problems with Frequent Eating/ Overeating: Frequent Eating & Overeating  enervates Digestive & Excretory system Frequent Eating & Overeating overloads the Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder and almost every other organ in the body, Organs abused over a period of time becomes inefficient and leads to various medical conditions. Frequent Eating & Overeating Cause Indigestion & Constipation Indigestion & Constipation are the Father & Mother of all most every other disease in this present world - Unknown Chronic Indigestion & Constipation has become a common problem across the world's population and ignored most of the times till it leads to an emergency situation. Indigestion & Constipation leads to a series of Health Complications ranging from Overweight, Obesity to Cancer. Indigestion & Con

Exploring Frequent Eating/ Overeating - Part 1!

Common Reasons Behind Frequent Eating & Overeating: 1. Consuming Cooked/ Processed/ Spicy Foods - When we Consume Cooked/ Processed Foods, We increase its flavor with spices, salt, sugar, oil, taste enhancers, etc.. Due to the increased taste we end up eating more quantity than what is necessary to fulfill our Hunger. Over a Period of Time, our Taste Buds gets calibrated to foods with stronger taste and we develop a strong desire for such foods.  2. Appetite/ Craving - When we develop strong desire towards Food, the sight, smell or even a thought about the Food can trigger Appetite/Craving without Real Hunger. With Appetite & Craving, we end up eating without hunger, in between two meals and more quantity of Food than what we require.  3. Habitual Huger - When we are into a Habitual Pattern of Eating due to Occupation, Education, Family Pattern, Social Pattern, etc.. Our Digestive Fluids are secreted involuntarily without Real Hunger based on the Pattern of E

Wellness Journey - Getting Started!

I keep listening to people who are worried about their health levels, pain, suffering, fears, confusions, etc.. They feel relieved after having a conversation but the worries surface again and again with more intensity... They get exhausted, tired, hopeless over time... They experience more pain, suffering, fear, confusions as the time progress... They feel stagnant, get struck, have no clues to improve their health further... Those who are committing to the Path of  Health & Happiness  & experiencing the above should understand few things, Health & Happiness/ Wellness cannot be attained through a Prescription - Prescription is helpful to Get Started when you have no/little time, to experience relief when a person is suffering, when a person cannot use is intellect/mind Getting Well & Staying Well is not Instant -  Unlike Symptomatic Relief like suppressing a Vomit, Diarrhoea, Pain or Normalising Blood Sugar Levels through Insulin - Getting & Stayi

I am Healthy, I wish to be Healthier!

I am Healthy, I wish to be Healthier! Everyone has got some level of  HEALTH  in us, immaterial of the Disease condition, Degeneration,  Pain, Suffering, etc...  We start getting better from the moment we embrace our present  HEALTH  Levels and start supporting it in every possible way. If one wishes to be Healthier he/she can continuously improve their  HEALTH  just by following these 4 Steps... 1. Explore, See, Understand, Embrace, Affirm yourself the amount of HEALTH which is already Present in you. 2. Explore factors which disturb your  HEALTH  and REMOVE 3. Explore opportunities to support your  HEALTH  and INTEGRATE 4. Continue to the Step 1 Affirm yourself again and Experience Life filled with Health & Happiness 😊🍃 I am Healthy, I wish to be Healthier. I am Healthy, I wish to be Healthier. I am Healthy, I wish to be Healthier. With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach +91 95978 50102

Reading: Natural Healing Mechanism!

Vis medicatrix naturae  (literally "the healing power of nature", and also known as  natura medica ) is the  Latin  rendering of the  Greek   Νόσων φύσεις ἰητροί  ("Nature is the physician(s) of diseases"), a phrase attributed to  Hippocrates Hippocrates believed that an organism is not passive to  injuries  or  disease , but rebalances itself to counteract them. The state of  illness , therefore, is not a malady but an effort of the body to overcome a disturbed equilibrium. It is this capacity of organisms to correct imbalances that distinguishes them from non-living matter. Read More: Homeostasis  is the tendency of  organisms  to auto-regulate and maintains their  internal environment  in a stable state. [1] [2]  The stable condition is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism and is dependent on many variables, such as  body temperature  and  fluid balance , being kept within certain pre