Natural Health Course(Level 1)

(Nature Cure/ Natural Lifestyle/ Natural Hygiene/ Life Natural are various other commonly known names of this science, I had chosen this name to avoid any conflict with medical practitioners)

After designing Align with Nature Program in Mar 2020, I didn't find time to conduct a Nature Cure Course for almost an year. I have been teaching Principles & Practices of Nature Cure from 2015, Somewhere deep I wanted to teach Nature Cure again, I also received requests from so many people to help them in improving their understanding of Nature Cure.

Yesterday for some unavoidable circumstances we had decided to postpone batch 11 of Align with Nature. Today early morning I woke up at 3 am and felt a strong urge to offer a course in Principles and Practice of Nature cure, I feel it will help me align better and help many other people who like to learn and take charge of their health and life. 

I am going to offer a course on principles and practice of Nature Cure. This will be a level one course. We will be exploring the Science of Nature Cure and How it can be used to optimise ones own Health & Healing, if you like to help others through Nature Cure the learnings from this course will serve as a foundation for the level 2 course where you will learn the art and subtle aspects of health, wellbeing & healing. Primarily I will teach my learnings from two teachers ( Dr Arun Sharma and Kevin Hinton). 

Who can Join?

I am looking for Open minded & Committed

Health Seekers

Individuals who like to restore their Health Naturally

Medical Doctors, Healers, Therapists and anyone in the health & healing space inspired to tap in to this wisdom

Participants of Nature Cure Camps who likes to revisit the learnings and deepen their understanding

Anyone who is inspired to learn and integrate this wisdom in their lives

Course Content(Tentative ):

Basic Philosophy

Cause of Disease

Five Fold Foods


Mind & Health

Food & Health


Motherhood & Childcare

Disease & Its Stages


Vital Economy

Case Studies

Course Dates: 

29th Mar 2021 - 2nd April 2021 (5 Days) 


10 am - 12 noon(IST)


10 - 13 hours



(If you like to attend the course in English share your interest by sending a whatsapp message with your name, natural health course in english to +91 95978 50102)



Suggested Contribution:

This is a priceless offering but for the time and effort spent I like to suggest a contribution of Rs. 5000/-, if you going through a tough financial situation you can pay in installments or pay lesser than the suggested fee, if you feel  you can afford more than Rs. 5000/- you are welcome. All the participants will be treated equally immaterial of the contributions made. 

You can make the contribution and send a whatsapp message with your name and payment acknowledgement to +91 95978 50102 for registrations. 

Share this widely with your loved ones and help me take this offering to more people. 

I am not sure when I will offer this course again, if you feel inspired don't miss it.

With Love, Gratitude & Blessings,

Vinoth Kumar V S

Natural Lifestyle Educator

+91 95978 50102


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