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A Simple Affirmation for Letting Go!

PC: Anything which is not contributing to my wellness anymore  Anything which is not supporting my healing anymore Anything which is not adding value to my life anymore I am letting go of it gracefully and completely✨ Thank you for serving me  Thank you for helping me  Thank you for teaching me Thank you for supporting me Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  💖🙏🍃 With Love, Gratitude & Blessings, Vinoth Kumar V S

Wellness Reflection: What do you want in Life?

P.C: Aishwarya Varun Good Morning Seekers 😍🙏🍃 I am inspired to share a #Wellness_Reflection with you all this morning. I was going through lots of pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders a few days before, I took 3 hours to connect to myself in the midnight and answered this simple question and it has relieved 70% of the pain and discomfort. Every reflection is a deeper connection to our soul and can bring in massive healing if it is done wholeheartedly. I have been designing it intuitively for my self-inquiry and it helped me every time. Try it yourself and share your experience on how you felt 🙂🙏🍃 Thank you. #Wellness_Reflection What are your aspirations in Life, What do you want in Life, What calls you? Meditate on this question for a few minutes and start reflecting. Kindly reflect on the link. Reflecting in the link will help you to have a copy of the reflections in your email which you can go back and refer to. Thank you 🙂🙏🍃 Reflect in this link: https:/

I am a Believer!

P.C: Aishwarya Varun I am a believer of My Inner Guidance,  I am a believer of Nature,  I am a believer of Life,  I am a believer of Supreme Unknown,  I am a believer of People, I am a believer of the idea that anything and everything which I come across is to nourish me, make me a better person, ... My beliefs Helps me to  Optimize My Self Healing Abilities,  Flow with life under all the circumstances,  Have perceptions and strength to transform the challenges in to blessings,  Economise vitality expenditure,  Express Gratitude to the Past ,  Be curious in the present,  Be hopeful about the future, ...  I am grateful to myself for having this behavioral trait 😇 Have unconditional belief in the Truth you had experienced in Life 😇🙏🍃 Thank you 🍃 With Love, Gratitude & Blessings, Vinoth Kumar V S #optimallife #optimalwellness #awareness #innerguidance #alignment #harmony

FAQ's: Align with Nature - 21 Day Online Lifestyle Transformational Program

What is Align with Nature (AwN)? AwN is a lifestyle transformation program that happens for 21 days. In this program, we support people in their transformation by inculcating healthy habits holistically. We aid with tools that bring in better Health - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. We also support participants to sustain these practices with ease, through continuous monthly meet-ups and exclusive events/workshops conducted for AwN alumni.The focus of this program is to help people attain Optimal - Health, Happiness and Fulfillment in all dimensions of Life & Self. How does this program happen? This program happens through Online platforms. After the registration, participant(s) will be added to a Whatsapp group. All the micro - learning material (in the form of Docs, Videos, Audios) will be shared through the Whatsapp group. There will be Live sessions ( Commitment Circle, Webinars, Q&A Discussion, Group Coaching/Conversation, Farewell) happening through Zoo

Testimonials: Align with Nature (Online Lifestyle Transformation Program)

I attended the align with nature course towards the end of my 8th month of pregnancy. Though I was very hesitant, I wanted to try it since i wanted to experience all this before the great phase am about to have. If I need to choose one thing that I loved so much, it’s the commitment circle that we had everyday. I had the habit of journaling already, but reinforcing the positive thought and commitment for the day along with the reflection, set a great tone to the entire day ahead. Am yet to take up all the habits full fledged, but sun bathing, mindful excretion, gratitude, conservatively cooked meal are few things that I am able to effortlessly add to my daily way of living that yet has a tremendous effect on me. Also initially I was thinking the course might be only food oriented. But the conversations we had in the sessions ranged through a holistic spectrum and also it was very friendly and open. I love connecting with people and the fellow participants here are so lovely and friendl