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Some Mantras for Launching & Growing Creative Occupation!

Pause Follow the Inspirations Purify the Intentions Define your Mission & Goals Give, Give, Give Give more than what you Get/Receive Create more than what you Consume Help, Serve People Keep the Entry Barrier Minimal Connect with Heart Flow Optimally Be Open Learn & Improve If you like to be part of the next Launch Creative Occupation Intensive Program, Whatsapp +91 95978 50102 With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

Set yourself Free, Now!

PC: You are in your own Prison A Prison with no walls, no bars, no locks and Still the hard one to break! You are your own Prison Keeper You built the Iron Fort with all your limiting beliefs as walls, conditioning as bars, comfort zone as locks! With your unconscious, secret wishes you continue to chain yourself for long.  With a conscious wish and action you can break it free for life.  Ask yourself What do I need? What do I really need?  What I wish for myself? What is the one small thing I can do now/ today to support my wish? If you wish to set yourself free, flow with life, do it now, at this very moment. There is no more perfect moment than now ✨ With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S

You are the Healer!

"Healing happens from within, there is no healing force in anything outside you" - Kevin Hinton One of my teacher in nature cure, Kevin Hinton always insisted on this. A nature cure practitioner can help in many ways to optimise the healing process but it is one's own healing mechanism which heals!  To have a Graceful Healing Experience it is important be open, align in every possible way - food, lifestyle, physical activity, posture, sleep, thoughts, emotions, following inspirations, connect to nature, creating/embracing a positive environment, ... A Nature Cure/ Natural Lifestyle practitioner is not a doctor, healer or any other kind of medical practitioner but a Teacher, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator, Friend in this journey of Graceful Healing.  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S Natural Lifestyle Practitioner & Optimal Life Coach +91 95978 50102

Tap in to your Guiding Light!

You are Wholesome You are Complete You have it with you already  You are the Master You are the Guru You are the Guiding Light  Align, Go within, Tap in to your Guiding Light ✨ #innerintelligence #selfintelligence #alignwithnature #optimallife #coachingjourney #creativeexpressions #vaagaiwellness #coachyourself #learntobeyourowncoach  #intuition #instinct #creativity #innerguide #wordlyspirituality #spiritualityandoptimallife  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S Optimal Life Coach 

You don't need more any more!

Less is More. You don't need more anymore 😉 Drop a few things which are not useful anymore, a few of the identities, learnings, experiences,... Give away extras, Share your abundance  Unlearn Unwind Take it Easy Let go, Release, ... Forgive and Forget Declutter Own Less, Own what is essential, what makes life meaningful, what sparks joy.  Do Less, Embrace Less Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, ... and in every aspect of life  and Live Optimally ✨🙏🍃 With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S Optimal Life Coach