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Story on Intentions & Perceptions!

Yesterday I received a call from an unknown number, The person introduced himself and started talking, he called me to know about the upcoming Align with Nature(AwN) program, one of his friends was part of AwN Batch 9 and she had recommended AwN to him for his challenges. He was holding on to the idea of perfectionism and that has stopped him from experimenting & exploring possibilities, leveraging online coaching, missing the opportunities, he has also developed a lot of stress, minimizing himself, started depriving financially, ... I gave the details of the program and assured him that he will be able to overcome his challenges if he develops right intentions & perceptions. I continued the conversation and shared a few perceptions, suggested a few practices, today morning he messaged me saying that he has started his online coaching. Nine Months of Self Limitations has been finally dissolved with a simple conversation and a few practices. What a Relief it is Create Right Int

3 Barriers in the process of Graceful Healing!

Early in the morning I was reflecting on how critical is asking for help, open mindedness and committment in the process of Graceful Healing. In the past 6 years, I have seen 100s of people lost their healing opportunity just because of their inability to ask, to be open minded and committed. I don't want you to miss that opportunity,    Reflect on these questions: Am I asking for help, support?  Am I being open and exploring life?  Am I seeking, learning, taking help with an open mind?  Am I staying committed to my learnings and truth?  If yes, to what extent?  Ask, Be Open, Commit to your Healing 🙏 Wishing you all a Graceful Healing Experience and Optimal Life ✨🙏🍃  With Love, Vinoth Kumar V S