Client Testimonials!

This program hit the core on what we lack actually health and mental balance. Mr. Vinoth must be highly appreciated for his very patient customized approach on each and everyone.Can feel the compassionate approach from his very first session - Hemamalini, IT Professional

Vinoth. Your commitment towards helping us to be at harmony with ourselves is what I like most in your work. I have received so much and gained much from you....Waiting for the time to reciprocate the same....Thank you for everything - Guru Sunny Boppana, Garden Coach

This course has provided various dimensions about body , food habits, and health. Mentor has higher degree of awareness on observing participants.Thank you - Sivaramakrishnan, IT Professional

Vinodji’s support in both the times of my fever was very supportive to me and family. Without which I would have been pushed to go back to allopathy being in the family of many allopathy college doctors!! Thanks Vinodji - Venkatasubramanian, Kodambakkam

Keep up the good work Vinoth :) You made many points very clear regarding following a natural life style and conservation of energy especially. Your approach towards answering a query is very good - Vijayakumar Duraisamy, IT Professional

This program is really the need of the hour . In the name of progress we have all been deluded to adopt life styles which are predominantly comfortable or providing pleasure . This has adversely impacted us leading to physical and mental sickness .. Seeking relief from disease we have submitted our self to the structured diagnosis & prognosis methods of modern physicians & hospitals . This has deluded us further and we have lost our ability to keep our health in balance . We are responsible for our own well being and we must learn how to be healthy . Vaagai’s wellness courses are truly the answer for this need . It is simple and provides time tested and working methods for freeing oneself from chronic diseases - Satyabhama, Seeker

My understanding deepened on attending this program. Many a thanks to Shri Vinoth Kumar who conducted it so casually n informally without diluting or compromising on the core concepts.  
I thank myself for the intuition I had to attend a repeat program so soon after attending the camp at Pollachi. He has done full justice to his mentor, participants as also NC itself - Vishalakshi (aka) Meera, Seeker

An excellent and eye-opening session conducted very effectively by Mr. Vinoth Kumar. I highly recommend this session for anyone who is interested in natural lifestyle. I was skeptical about my kid's response to this session but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were very much aligned to this approach and were happy to incorporate changes in their lifestyle - Kalpana Manivannan, Science Teacher/Parent

Your way of expressing things in a simple way made it easy for all of us to understand and appreciate how our body can heal itself if we just take care of some basic food habits and additional support thru exercise, sunlight and water based treatments - Manivannan, IT Professional/Parent

Out of several good practices I came across earlier I think nature cure is best one since it demands no separate time from your busy schedule. In fact, keep the body mind and soul fresh and helps us in spending our time more productively. The 5 fold food concept and philosophy explained elaborately by Mr. Vinod is awesome which everybody must try to understand.
Earlier I knew natural foods like salads fruits vegetables are good but also had cravings for junk food. This three days wellness session had given me enough awareness and knowledge which had wiped off all my cravings for the junk and processed food. And since there is no resistance from the wrong side it becomes easy for me to switch myself in the right direction/ path.
And lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Vinod for teaching us conservatively cooked tasty yummy recipes which had boosted my creativity in healthy food preparation.
-Vemula Geeta, Assistant Professor/Health Seeker

Observing the body while it is recovering from acute disorder is a feat I am able to achieve because of the support offered by Vinoth. I am confident that body has the ability to heal itself provided it is ably supported.
It's an invaluable motivation by Vinoth to quote" Deal with the discomfort". Gives a positive energy to listen further and after following Tona, green juice diet and alkaline food feeling good and in full hopes that cure is not far.
- Divya
The most important lesson I have gained from a session with Vinoth is the need for us to listen to our body. Our unhealthy lifestyles have made us numb to the small distress signals that our body sends. It is telling us how much it is suffering by our random eating ways. When Vinoth told me about it, I could immediately see what I was doing wrong. It is like he gave me a tool that I could use for life instead of just prescribing a diet plan. A session with him is worth the knowledge that one gains.
- Sandeep Sengupta
It is very useful, Post completion of this session, the same day evening I could understand that my sense of smell has been increased drastically. This is one of improvement. Like there are much more. Thanks
- K Ganesan
I have been associated with you for more than a year now. Your availability during crisis has been a tremendous support for our entire family. Being a newbie in Nature Cure practices, I cannot think of my journey of healthy living without your support system. I also would love to appreciate your idea of giftivism which helps many people who cannot afford such services. This spirit of yours will organically yield you anything that you need and deserve. As you are giving more, you will be receiving more. Glad to be connected to you 🙏 I wish you the best in all your endaevours.
- Aishwarya T Varun


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