Wellness Sessions!

I offer Wellness Sessions to Individuals, Families & Communities through Online, Telephonic and Offline Conversations. The Sessions aims to enable Health & Happiness through Diet, Movement, Lifestyle Adjustments, Non Violent Therapies & Emotional Wellness. Signup if you are interested & COMMITTED 😉🍃

Coaching includes Individual Assessment, Wellness Conversations, Technical Sessions, Tracking, Feedback, Reviews, Quiz, Games, Tools, Resources for further exploration, etc..

Mode of Coaching: Online/ Telephonic/ Offline (Vellore, Tamil Nadu)

Languages: Tamil & English

Who can Join: Ideally it is for everyone who is open minded, interested and committed :-) Technically Health Aspirants & People with Chronic & Degenerative Health Issues.

Age: 8+ years

To know about my profile as a Wellness Coach click this link http://vsvinothkumar.blogspot.com/2017/07/my-profile-as-wellness-coach.html 

Program Fee:
This program is offered without a price tag and NO it is not a free offering as well, you can learn more about how to compensate for the program / support my journey from this link

Client Testimonials:

Signup for the Program: http://bit.ly/2ylxLly

Send me a Whatsapp Message after Signing up in the above link with your Name, WELLNESS PROGRAM

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S, Wellness Coach @ Vaagai
+91 95978 50102

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