A process towards Mastery - Observe, Acknowledge & Express or Deep Knowing!

A few weeks before, I am inspired to share a process called "Observe, Acknowledge & Express" or Deep Knowing , I started exploring it intuitively and started understanding how powerful it is, I feel this is a powerful tool towards mastering something or knowing something deeply. 

1. Keep observing various aspects of your life, especially the aspects which bother you. 

2. Acknowledge what is happening, getting better, even if it is something very negligible acknowledge it with your whole heart.

3. Express it in a journal or share it with someone.

4. Continue to the first step :-) 

There is a part two for this process, will be sharing it in some other post. 

With Love,

Vinoth Kumar V S


  1. It really works...I am doing it for few months now...and it is really helping me a lot


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