Q&A: Guilt over quitting Non-Veg!


Guilt is a very useful emotion but only for few minutes, or for a few hours, or maximum for a day, beyond that it is a trap.

See if you can understand the benefits of quitting Non-Veg
See if it inspires you
See if you have your strong reasons to quit Non-Veg
See if you are intending to take it slow, take support from family

If the answer is yes to most of the questions go ahead with the idea of quitting 

If the answers are no to 2 or more questions 
take baby steps towards quitting or reducing the quantity, frequency, ... 

If you are not able to understand the benefits or if it is non an inspiring option or if you don't have a need then don't worry about it, find other ways to work on your wellbeing. 

Health & Wellbeing is a wholesome process not limited to Diet. 

With Love,
Vinoth Kumar V S
Natural Lifestyle Educator & Optimal Living Coach

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